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With a Test Suite, you can group similar Test Cases.

Choose the Product where you want to add a Test Suite and open the Product Home. Click on “NEW TEST SUITE” in the tile “Planning”. A form opens where you can enter the name of the new Test Suite. Click on the check icon. The detailed view of the Test Suite opens. By default, the focus is set on the field “Description”. Enter the description of the Test Suite.

Information If there are already Test Suites that are available for a Product, they are listed on the “Planning” tile. If you click on an existing Test Suite, the detailed view of the Test Suite opens. 

You can also create a new Test Suite from the "Specifications" tile. To do that, you have to activate the filter for Test Cases. Additionally, you can add further filter options for the Test Cases. With a click on the plus button, the filtered Test Cases can be assigned automatically in a new or an existing Test Suite. If you choose an existing Test Suite, that specific Test Suite opens.

If you choose to create a new Test Suite, the "Test Suite name" form opens. Enter the name of the new Test Suite and click on the "ADD" button. The new Test Suite with the assigned Test Cases opens in a detailed view.

The detailed view of a Test Suite consists of five sections.

Section Name
Click on the edit icon or on the corresponding field to edit the name of the Test Suite.

Section Responsible Users
Here you can add responsible users to the Test Suite. Click on the corresponding area. You see a list of all users with the correct rights for the Product. Select one or more users with a click on their name.

Section Status
In this section, there are three columns.

On the left side, you can see the status of the Test Suite. To change the status, click on the status pill. A drop-down list opens, where you can select the following status: New, Active, Inactive, or Completed. 

The middle column shows the status of the Test Cases as soon as you have assigned any. Status of a Test Case can be: Failed, Passed, In Progress, or Ready.

The button “START SESSION” on the left side of the section does currently not have any functionality.

Section Description
Click on the edit icon or on the corresponding field to edit the description.

Section Test Cases
Here you can add Test Cases to the Test Suite. Click on “ADD TEST CASES”. A Tree View with all available Test Cases for that Product opens. Select one or more Test Cases by clicking on the checkbox in front of the Test Case. To close the Tree View, click on the button “CLOSE” at the bottom. The selected Test Cases appear in the section “Test Cases”.

You can also deselect Test Cases in the tree view to remove them from the Test Suite. 

If you click on a Test Case, the detailed view opens. To start the execution of a Test Case, click on the play button next to the name of the Test Case. The detailed view opens. 

To remove a Test Case from a Test Suite, click on the x icon.


If you click on the button “ENLARGE”, you can see only the section Test Cases in an enlarged view. To get back to the full view of the Test Suite, click on the button “COLLAPSE”.


You can insert Custom Fields to a Test Suite at the following anchors: Before Description, Before Test Cases, and Bottom. 

For detailed information about Custom Fields, see chapter Custom Fields.


To delete a Test Suite, click on the dust bin icon. A dialog opens, where you can confirm or cancel your action.