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Each element of the type Structured Test Case has a section for test automation. Here you can link Test Cases to test automation tools and frameworks (e.g., RobotFramework) and reflect the results of automated Test Cases in TestBench Cloud Services.

Test Automation Block

The link can be made using one of the following options:

1 To automate Test Cases that are defined within TestBench Cloud Services, set the toggle switch to "on".

Test Automation Toggler

After that, you specify an External ID. The same External ID needs to be referenced from the test automation framework to identify and connect to the given Test Case.

Test Automation External ID

Test Cases may be merely implemented in a test automation framework, without being reflected by a Test Case within TestBench Cloud Services.

Using the TestBench Cloud Services API, corresponding Test Cases can be easily created within TestBench Cloud Service.

In this case, the "Automated" flag is toggled "on" by the API call, and the external ID is also set via the API. 


By default, TestBench Cloud Services asks you to review each change made by the test-automation framework via the API. 
If the review is done, click the checkbox. 

Test Automation Review

Test automation Green Checkbox